Apple might still be the gold industry standard for
design and product excellence, but it must be
feeling the heat as its shares are sinking lower
and lower, and even loyal fanalysts start wishing
for some Android features to arrive on iOS. What’s
more – with a ton of new Android devices, the
Apple iPhone might have a tough challenge to
That’s where ideas like this one might help. A
really impressive concept imagined by French
website Nowhere Else and brought to Photoshop
reality courtesy of Dutch designer Martin Hajek,
this iPhone concept shows one possible way for
Apple to impress with the new iPhone.
The idea revolves around a touchpad-like, wide
button that is also sensitive to touch instead
of the round Apple home key. That wide and
narrow button takes the whole space below the
screen and looks very sleek.
While it is a huge departure from what we are
used to, it could be worth it freeing up space for
an even larger screen and a more balanced
overall look of the device.
Of course, the concept also adds a splash of
imagination with a fully edge-to-edge display with
no bezel, something that is rather impossible.
Still, these are some images Apple designers
should definitely look at. Hajek has made
numerous concept images for Apple, and all of
them have impressed with their creative ideas
and meticulous finish, we just wonder how Apple
has not yet recruited him.



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