ZTE Grand Memo is pretty grand, and that’s the
first thought you come across when you take it in
your hands, as we were struggling to operate it
and had to resort to both palms for easier
handling of the cheap-looking glossy plastic
chassis, which, however, makes it feel pretty
light for the phone’s dimensions.
The Grand Memo sports a massive 5.7″
1280×720 pixels display that can’t leave you
unimpressed with its sheer size, especially if you
like phones like the Galaxy Note II. Viewing angles
are decent, and the pixel density seems enough
despite the larger screen size. There’s too much
bezel on the sides, though, which adds to the
unwieldy width of the device.
A quad-core 1.7 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro is
running the show under the hood, aided by 1GB
RAM for some basic multitasking, and there is a
13 MP rear camera. The best selling point besides
the display seems to be a huge 3200 mAh
battery, which should keep you ticking heavily
for a full day and change.
Image Courtesy: PhoneArena



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