It has been a couple years in the making, but it
looks like the Russian designed YotaPhone will
finally make it into production. The Yota Devices
expects to have the dual-screen Android handset
available to consumers in the second half of this
Yota Devices has signed a deal with Hi-P, based in
Singapore. Hi-P has made equipment for Apple,
BlackBerry and Amazon. Yota will also be opening
an R&D facility and business development office
in Singapore to help perfect the technology, scale
it for production and maintain the established
partnerships that have been built for this device,
and future iterations of the YotaPhone.
The YotaPhone has the distinction of being a dual-
screen device featuring a 4.3-inch HD color main
screen, and a 4.3-inch e-Ink display on the back.
The e-Ink display offers a number of interesting
benefits for the device, it can enable battery
conservation and it can obviously be used as an
e-reader. The YotaPhone runs Android 4.2, but
instead of the on-screen navigation buttons, a
gesture area has been built into the device.
Russia will be the first market receiving the
YotaPhone, dates and pricing have not been
released, but previous reports indicate the
company is aiming for a $500 price point. The
device will come with your choice of 32GB or
64GB of storage. It also features a 12MP main
camera, 2,100mAh battery and a dual-core
1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. The
company also makes routers and LTE switchgear,
so expect LTE support when this device makes its
way to your neighborhood.
The YotaPhone will be making an appearance at
MWC so we look forward to learning and seeing
more of this device.



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