We’ve all been waiting patiently to get our hands
on the Ubuntu Phone preview image that was
promised, and it looks like we won’t have to wait
too much longer. Canonical has announced that it
will be releasing the Touch Developer Preview of
Ubuntu Phone on February 21st, and will launch
with support for the Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4
Canonical is making it clear that this should not
be your primary driver, saying the Preview is
“intended for enthusiasts and developers, to
familiarise themselves with Ubuntu’s
smartphone experience and develop applications
on spare handsets.” Canonical will release tools
to easily flash your device with Ubuntu Phone on
the same date.
Additionally, if you happen to be lucky enough to
be attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
at the end of the month, the Canonical team will
have a booth set up and will flash your device
with Ubuntu. The booth will also show off Ubuntu
running on “a range of devices”. Canonical has
said before that Ubuntu will run on any device
that can run Android, so it will be nice to see it on
non-Nexus devices. We’re wondering if Ubuntu
will make use of the physical function buttons on
most Android devices.
So, not too long to wait, and we finally get to play
with Ubuntu!



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