The evasi0n untethered jailbreak tool may have
been released just a few days ago, but a relatively
huge number of people have already used it –
about 7 million, to be more specific. Word comes
from Jay Freeman, who is credited for being the
man behind Cydia. His storefront, which is known
for its selection of apps made for jailbroken iOS
devices, has been visited from over 5.15 million
iPhones, 1.35 million iPads, and 400,000 iPod
touch media players running a version of iOS
jailbroken with evasi0n.
All these figures make evasi0n the most
successful in terms of adoption rate jailbreak tool
ever released. Even the web-based JailbreakMe
released back in 2011 wasn’t adopted that fast as
it reached “only” about 2 million users during the
first four days of its existence.
In addition to being the most popular untethered
jailbreak tool ever released, evasi0n is also the one
that took the longest to arrive. That’s not much of
a surprise considering how tight the security
measures implemented in iOS have been getting
with each new release. Jailbreaking iOS 6.1 took
136 days, which is considerably longer than the
98 days that were needed to crack the iPhone 4S.
In comparison, the iPhone 4 received its
untethered jailbreak only 38 days after release,
while the iPhone 3GS was dealt with in only 2
weeks’ time.
As of this writing, the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak
is still possible using the evasi0n tool and the
recent 6.1.1 update doesn’t fix the cracks
exploited by the hack. It is only a matter of time,
however, until Apple patches the system, thus
rendering the jailbreak tool useless.



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