Look & Listen offers games, movies, music, gadgets etc in store and online so when they announced that purchasing of physical CD’s and DVD’s as well as digital downloads and pre-ordering goods online would be scraped as from next week Tuesday(12 Feb 2013) does it say a lot about South Africans lack of online shopping or Look&Listen’s lack on its online presence.

Look & Listen will still give you the ability to research products online, but doing away with online purchasing says something about Look and Listens online presence, the shopping experience was never that refined anyway. Kalahari.com is an example of the SA online shopping experience done right, but with the online purchasing going up every month is this a missed opportunity from L&L or is the South African mass not ready for the transition I say, we are.

Consumers with virtual money in their wallets can either exchange their money in to gift cards which can be accessed via SMS or receive a full refund. Look & Listen CEO Darren Levy says that when it comes to physical items like CDs, DVDs and videogames, the online market is “not big enough”. He said they’ll “continue to stay focused on traditional retail”. Looks like Look & Listen needs to learn from WalMart vs. Amazon.com as Amazon continues to grow WalMart’s traditional retail method is not increasing the number of consumers it brings in, and its only a matter of time till we see this trend in South Africa as mobile money and online shopping is on the increase.



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