Regardless of how you feel about BlackBerry’s
hardware or the new BlackBerry 10 software, you
have to give the company credit for having put
together quite an impressive library of apps for
the launch of BlackBerry 10. Sure, BlackBerry had
to literally pay developers to port apps over, but
70,000 apps is nothing to sneeze at. And, now
BlackBerry is welcoming “1000 of the top app
partners” to BlackBerry World.
BlackBerry hasn’t yet been able to attract
everyone, Netflix and Instagram are still in
negotiations about building apps for the platform,
but the list of app partners that BlackBerry
released today is quite impressive. BlackBerry has
apps from Bloomberg, CNN, Cisco, ESPN,, EA Sports, Facebook, Twitter, Rovio,
Rdio, Slacker, AccuWeather, SEGA, and a lot
more. It’s not totally complete, but it’s a launch
library that any new platform would be proud of.
Of course, aside from Netflix and Instagram, the
platform also doesn’t have any official apps from
Google, which means no Google Maps or YouTube.
And, for some of you out there, those omissions
alone may be enough to sway you from BB10.



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