We were just thinking about how the Google Glass
UI might be set up, because it is the key to the
entire product, and now we’re getting our first
clue. The possible control scheme for Google Glass
comes from a new patent that was granted to
Google on Thursday.
The control scheme isn’t likely for Project Glass,
because the patent shows a system where there
is a projector built into a pair of glasses, but
nothing about Project Glass has made note of a projector.
But, the idea of seeing controls overlaid on
something (like the user’s arm) through the
screen of the glasses is something that could be
part of Google Glass.
Combine the augmented reality overlay with
some hand recognition in the camera software,
and that could allow for something like touch
interaction. And, that sort of interaction is part of
the patent: “the processor may detect when the
display hand is moving and interpret display hand
movements as inputs to the virtual device.”
The patent also covers many smaller points of
interaction, like displaying controls based on a
gyroscope that detects when the head is moving,
and stopping the controls display when the user
drops their arm.



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