When Instagram changed its ToS last month,
many misread the site’s intentions and believed
that the change would allow Instagram to sell
your pictures for advertising, and keep all of the
. The uproar was so loud that Instagram quickly
changed the ToS once again to get rid of the
offending passages. At the time, the New York
Post reported that the number of Instagram
subscribers had dropped over the Christmas
holiday from 16.4 million to 12.5 million as a
backlash from the Terms of Service change.
But those numbers turned out to be way off.
Instagram has announced that it has 90 million
active users. An amazing 40 million pictures are
added to the site daily. And the site receives
“8,500” likes and 1,000 comments per second.
Oops! There’s another 8,500 “likes”…and
another. Co-founder Kevin Systrom says that
Instagram continues to show strong growth
around the world.
“Instagram continues to see very strong growth
around the world. With many of the product and
internationalization improvements we’ve made,
we’ve been excited to see these efforts resonate
with users globally.”-Kevin Systrom, co-founder,



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