Kicking off the quietly opened, newly renovated
site is a new Justin Timberlake single. A total
revamp of the ailing social site has been in the
works for months (well, years), entering beta
testing last year, and up to now, available on
an invitation-only basis.
Now it is up and open to anyone and totally
different from the would-be Facebook or Google+
competitive site it might have been. The
emphasis continues with music and music
discovery which was part of the big transition
from way back in whenever. With each page is an
audio deck to play and add songs as well as
“connect” with friends or subscribe to musicians
and artists.
For anyone that might have been waiting to see
what might happen with MySpace and not
clamoring for an invite, you will also be glad to
know that there is an official MySpace app for
Android and iOS, but you will also want to know
that a number of people have reported log-in
problems with the apps for both platforms.
As for the site itself, it looks like it has taken a
couple hints from Twitter and Pinterest and mixed
it with Windows Phone, users can post pictures,
status updates and music to their timelines. The
new look is quite nice. Even with its music-centric
presentation, the “new” MySpace looks well
suited to handle messaging, blogging (of sorts) as
well as sharing photos and videos.
If you were a MySpace user from “way back” and
have not been for a while, you can use your
existing account to log-in. You can also use your
Facebook or Twitter credentials to get in. You also
have the option to go back to the “old” MySpace
too. The site’s redesign is pretty sharp, but given
the troubles it has been having over the recent
years, it does make one wonder if they should
have looked at a new name as well as a new look.
Of course, the new look might be enough
attraction to divert anyone who is worn out with



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