Japan’s MacOtakara is reporting that the fifth-
generation of the Apple iPad is going to be
released in March, just five months after the
launch of the fourth-generation model. According
to the story, the tablet will be getting its design
cues from the Apple iPad mini. While dimensions
were not mentioned, the new model is
supposedly lighter and thinner than the current
full-sized tablet.

While the trend is toward thinner and smaller
devices, the third and fourth-generation Apple
iPad models were actually thicker than the
original Apple iPad slates as the Cupertino based
firm had to add the technology that fuels the
Retina display. But if this report is legit, and we
need to remain skeptical here, Apple has
developed a way to reduce the size of the
technology that powers the Retina display on the
9.7 inch screen.
Besides the fifth-generation iPad, Apple is
supposed to be getting the second-generation
of the Apple iPad mini ready. One persistent
complaint about the Apple iPad mini is that the
screen’s resolution is too low when compared with
the newer full-sized models of the iPad. The
162ppi pixel density on the iPad mini is over
100ppi less than the 264ppi on the third and
fourth-generation iPads. So you can expect better
resolution on the screen of the next 7.9 inch
model. Also, the faster A6X processor is expected
to be powering up the next Apple iPad mini.
Apple seems to have cut its product cycle in half
from 1 year to about 6 months. How will Apple
fans respond to Cupertino pushing out a new
model twice a year? In a way, it makes sense
since Apple has to compete against a number of
Android manufacturers who churn out new,
updated products constantly.



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