After pulling out from Twitter over the battle between Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is wounded with thousands of tweets going out users of the service are Boycotting the service till the Private Policy is changed.

After Facebook bought Instagram for a cool $300m in cash and the rest in Facebook shares, Users were angered by it some left for what users saw what was coming and yes things have changed. Instagrams latest ToS allows pictures uploaded to Instagram to be used by Facebook and the user won’t be rewarded at the end of the day, yet like Beacon which was dropped by Facebook a few years ago after it broadcast users purchases of what they were buying on the web their seems to be a break through. Instagram responses via a tweet(the irony) saying ” We’ve heard you that the updates to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Service are raising a lot of questions. We’ll have more to share very soon”

A host of Instagram alternatives are available for Android and iOS which those alternatives are gaining on due to the backlash, one of which is Flickr that we even see people tweeting saying they are switching from Instagram – Flickr thanks to the new filters and

Looks like the Policy might be reversed and Instagram(Facebook) has to find a new way to collect on revenue, let’s hope that this wasn’t the only way for them to make money off Instagram cause shareholders will need to see the investment in Instagram pay off.

Update: Instagram response too new TOS out cry saying “listening,” and that “it’s not our intention to sell your photos.”



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