We’ve seen some leaked pictures before of the
BlackBerry 10 L-Series, but not like these. A series
of photographs taken by someone who knows
how to use a camera, reveal sharp and clear
photos of the all-touch BlackBerry 10
handset. It is unknown if this is the final build,
but the texture on the back cover matches
perfectly the picture of the phone on the updated
landing page for BlackBerry 10
The design looks sleek and there is not a home
button in sight. There appears to be a front-facing
shooter and NFC technology is embedded into the
rear cover. The battery is 1800mAh although
BlackBerry has traditionally been able to squeeze
more battery life out of its power cells. And the
earphone jack is on top.
This is the clearest photos we’ve seen yet of the
BlackBerry handset that is expected to launch in
March, according to a recent report by a
brokerage house analyst
. So what is the consensus out there? Does RIM
have a phone that will turn heads?



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