No sooner had Instagram updated its site, adding
a new filter called “Willow” among a number of
other improvements, than Twitter announces that
its site is now ready to be updated with eight
new color photo filters. This was one of the
worst surprises as word had already leaked
that Twitter would be offering the Instagram-like
filters to photographs taken by its users. The
eight filters include Black and White, Warm, Cool,
Vintage, Cinematic, and Happy. Using grid or
swiping views, the effect of each filter can be
seen before applied to an image. Images can also
be auto-enhanced and there is a new cropping
The new filters for Twitter are powered by Aviary,
the same company that developed the image-
editing software for other photo-sharing sites like
Flickr. The move comes just two days after
Instagram stopped allowing tweets to include
Instagram photos, most likely in retaliation for
Twitter’s launch of the photo filters.
Pictures have become a very important focus of



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