Korean handset manufacturer LG has a lot to
celebrate. The LG built Google Nexus 4 is hard to
find and the LG Optimus G is a top-shelf model
that can be mentioned in the same conversation
as the Samsung Galaxy S III, the HTC DROID DNA
and the HTC One X. But on Sunday, LG has
announced that it has sold 10 million units of its
LG Optimus L-Series which includes the LG
Optimus L3 to the LG Optimus L9. LG has
obviously read Samsung’s notices celebrating
sales of 30 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S
because even LG calls its accomplishment
” modest”. Besides, the 10 million in sales that LG
is highlighting covers 4 different models.
From the 3.2 inch screen of the LG Optimus L3 to
the 4.7 inch screen on the LG Optimus L9, the
series covers a wide range of sizes but all of the
models are based on five aesthetic elements. As
listed by LG, the five include: ” Modern Square
Style for a comfortable grip, Floating Mass
Technology for a slimmer look, Seamless
Layout for a more intuitive arrangement of keys,
Harmonized Design Contrast utilizing metallic
accents and Sensuous Slim Shape that draws
one’s gaze to the unique form factor.” All of the
phones in the series are available in more than 50
All of the LG L-Series phones include LG’s
proprietary UX features like Quick Memo, which
allows you to write a memo using your fingertip,
and send it to your friends or family. Also included
in the Series is QTranslator which instantly
translaters words and sentences into any of 64
foreign languages.



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