Yeah, that’s what we want to see – more rumours
and info about the Galaxy S IV! What’s
undoubtedly the most successful series of
Android models will surely return next year for
another record-breaking launch.
The thing is that this latest rumor suggests that
Samsung will be looking to release the Galaxy S IV
in April 2013 – a month earlier than the Galaxy S
III, which was launched in May this year. The
sources do not bother to explain why they think
so, but on the other hand, they let us know that
Samsung might have a secret weapon in the
works for the GS IV. It seems that the so-called
Project J (codename for the GS IV) may come
with a new type of screen, which is being referred
to as “unbreakable”. We have absolutely no idea
how this “breakthrough” unbreakable screen has
been achieved, but if this really turns out to be
true, then it will be one great selling point for the
Galaxy S IV.
In addition, the sources confirm our expectations
of a larger and higher-resolution screen, possibly
one with pixel density of 441 ppi – a big upgrade
compared to the Galaxy S III’s 306 ppi. If the GS
IV indeed has a 441 ppi screen, then it’s safe to
say that it will probably feature a 5″ display with
1080p resolution – same as the recently launched
HTC DROID DNA. With such an amazing screen, if Samsung has
really managed to make it unbreakable, we have
no other option but to get super-excited about
this eventual April release of the Galaxy S IV!



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