Boombot Rex is an extremely portable, rugged
Bluetooth speaker. And it is one of the reasons
why we love Kickstarter so much – if it gets
enough backers it could make something that did
not exist until now a reality.
And having an ultraportable wireless speaker for $
99(± R870), is something that pretty
much everyone who is active can enjoy. What’s
even better about the Boombot Rex? You can
simply hook it up to your wired (and more
capable) sound system and beam music to it
wirelessly via the Boombot. It can also be daisy-
chained with other Rex’s.
The Boombot Rex also works as a speakerphone
and with Siri on the iPhone and iPad. This means
that with a press of a button you can have Siri
speaking to you and you can reply on the
speakerphone without having to pull your phone.
Hey, it’s not like Hal 9000, that’s always listening
but it’s definitely a feature we haven’t seen in
many other Bluetooth speakers.
Finally, the Boombot Rex fits in your palm and
delivers battery life of around six hours. If funding is raised it’s expected to arrive in early 2013.
Check out pics below



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