Earlier on Friday, we told you that the Apple
iPhone 5 had been cleared for release on China
Telecom after Apple received its “network access
. China Telecom, as we pointed out, is the third
largest carrier in the country. We now have a
good idea when to expect the actual launch of
the iPhone 5 in China. Apple has announced that
on December 14th, the 6th generation of Apple’s
iconic smartphone will be arriving at the world’s
largest smartphone market.
The fourth-generation Apple iPad is coming to
China on December 7th
Unfortunately for Apple, the largest carrier in the
world, China Mobile, has a proprietary 3G
network which doesn’t work with the Apple
iPhone. Both Apple and the carrier have been in
talks for some time
and with 200,000 LTE subscribers expected next
year, it might be 2013 when Apple can offer its
best selling device to the customers of the largest
carrier on earth.
Exactly one week before the Apple iPhone 5 hits
the ground in China, the fourth-generation of the
Apple iPad and the Apple iPad mini will be
launched in the country. Both will be the Wi-Fi
only models and it is not known when-or even if-
the Wi-Fi+cellular models will be coming to China.
All three devices will be available from Apple
Stores, authorized resellers and can be bought
online from Apple’s web site. The day before
launch, buyers can make reservations for a next-
day pick up from 9am to 5pm. Apple instituted
this system in a few countries where scalping of
its devices has become a problem.
Adding China, the Apple iPhone 5 is now available
in 47 countries with 42 selling the latest two
Apple iPads.



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