Now here’s a little piece of news that should make
all BlackBerry loyalists pretty happy. Evidence
suggests that with BlackBerry 10, RIM will
introduce a new feature for its popular BBM
service, namely video conversations.
BBM Video, as the feature will likely be named,
has not been mentioned by any of the company’s
officials, but its existence has been seemingly
confirmed by the latest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha
update. In particular, there’s a folder called
“bbm_video”, and inside it is stored an audio file
named “video_chat.m4a”. The file is the same
ringtone used by the video chat app found on the
BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

This comes only a couple of weeks after voice
conversations were added to the BBM feature set
with the app’s latest beta update. With BBM
Voice, users can call their BBM contacts for free.
Of course, you should keep in mind that the
existence of BBM Video has not been confirmed
by an official source. More details, however, will
surely surface pretty soon. The BlackBerry 10
platform is to be introduced on January 30
, along with the first two smartphones that will
run it. Image Courtesy: Crackberry



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