The HTC Droid DNA started the 5-inch 1080p
screen era in the United States just last week, but
it is just the first of many devices with such
insanely detailed screens coming up. And it won’t
take too long – by mid-2013 high-end
smartphones with 1080p displays will be
common , according to a research note by British
bank Barclays.
That is not a huge surprise as we are all expecting
the newest crop of Android smartphones to
indeed feature 5-inch 1080p displays, but it’s
reassuring to hear that by the middle of next year
the technology will be commonplace. We expect
Samsung, LG and others to unveil their new 2013
devices at CES and MWC, the two biggest tech
shows, held in January and February.
All rumours agree that upcoming state-of-the-art
smartphones will have that very same size and
resolution of 5 inches at 1080p, and that works
out at 441ppi.
Additionally, Barclays shared its expectations for
HTC to post sales of 8.8 million smartphones
in Q4 2012 , more than the 7 million devices it
sold in the same period last year. Still, the
company will face some tough challenges in
“We (see) better-than-expected (HTC) sales and
margins in the first half of 2013 on new product
launches, including the 5-inch Butterfly models
and the next-generation models to be announced
at the Mobile World Congress. However, we are
still cautious on the second half of 2013,
expecting competition to be intensified from
Apple, Samsung,” Barclays analyst Dale Gai



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