AMOLED may be the display technology of the
future, but Samsung is allegedly mulling over
leaving it only for its high-end products,
according to SamMobile’s ‘trusted source’.
Instead of getting AMOLED panels, low and mid-
range products will use Samsung’s PLS LCD
panels. It will be premium devices like the
Samsung Galaxy S series that would still get
access to AMOLED panels.
Why? Two reasons, and the most obvious is
production issues, but also Samsung might thus
create a feeling of exclusivity to its AMOLED
Now, the big difference between AMOLED and
LCD is the technology itself. While LCD uses a
light source and liquid crystals, AMOLED screens
are based on organic diodes. Blacks are usually
deeper on AMOLED, and thus contrast ratio is
much higher, but recent developments in LCD
have pretty much closed the gap otherwise in
color saturation and viewing angles. On the
downside, AMOLEDs tend to have a blueish tint
instead of displaying perfect white, an issue not
seen on LCD screens.
Would you prefer an AMOLED display (like the one
in the Galaxy S III) with its punchy colors and
deep blacks, or would you rather get the perfect
whites of a device like the iPhone 5 and the HTC
One X?



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