The Apple iPhone 5 has had its share of problems
from dings out of the box, to static lines on the
QWERTY keyboard, and to purple tinted pictures.
The latest glitch could be more serious. Some
game developers are finding that the latest
version of Apple’s iconic smartphone is having
problems with rapid diagonal swiping. Will RDS
join Antennagate and the ‘left handed death grip’
in the annals of Apple iPhone history? What
makes this as serious as those other problems is
that the attempt to swipe in a diagonal direction
rapidly leads to the screen’s inability to detect
any touch input, ineffect freezing the screen.
Will this new glitch be fixed by
an iOS update?
The glitch, which also appears on the 5th-gen
Apple iPod touch, does not appear on the Apple
iPhone 4S. Any detective or scientist (or House
MD fan) would know that the way to find out
where the problem lies is to look at what is
different with the screen between the Apple
iPhone 4S and Apple iPhone 5. Besides size, the
latter model uses the in-cell technology which
removes a layer of glass to make the display
thinner. This combination of the digitizer and
touch panel is the first time the Apple iPhone and
Apple iPod touch have shared the exact same
screen which points the finger at the new
technology as being the culprit. As serious as this
problem is, the freezing of the screen and the
skipping will not hurt most users of the phone
and will be more of a pain to game players who
do diagonal swiping in a rapid-fire fashion. One
game where that movement is used is Fruit Ninja.
At the beginning of this month, Apple sent out
iOS 6.0.1 to kill some of the bugs, like the
QWERTY static lines, that had afflicted users. If
this is a software related issue, it could be
resolved with the next iOS update. If it is a
hardware problem, no amount of rubber bumpers
is going to fix it.



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