The Microsoft Surface reviews are out. This is a
monumental moment for Microsoft as the
company is making a PC of its own for the first
time in its decades of history.
It needs the positive reviews to get the attention
of people, so does it get them? Well, not exactly.
Most reviewers agree that the Surface is likeable,
but not all would recommend it and even those
who do, do so with a couple of words of caution.
Summing the Microsoft Surface all up in one
phrase would be “it is different.”

First, everyone admits that design is beautiful
and build quality is extremely sturdy on the
Microsoft Surface. Also, get the type cover. Both
the touch and type covers snap quick and easy,
but with the tactile keys on the type one you can
reach almost your regular typing speed.
Hardware performance is mostly okay, not
stellar. The screen is a mixed bag – good for
watching movies, but not so good for reading.
The cameras are crap, but they are there.
In software, Windows RT is misleading with its
extremely limited desktop mode, Microsoft didn’t
explain well what it really is. The Windows app
store is a ghost town with no basic apps like
Facebook or Twitter.
Finally, the Surface can’t replace your laptop
but comes the closest from all tablets. It’s not all
that comfortable for media consumption, but it’s
great for typing and for Office guys.



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